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Comprehensive support for patents, trademarks, and designs

Our Services

Patent Search & Analysis

Our patent search and analysis services help you identify existing patents and prior art that may impact your invention. We conduct thorough searches and provide detailed analyses, ensuring you have a clear understanding of the patent landscape before moving forward with your idea.

Patent Drafting & Filing

We are skilled in drafting and filing high-quality patent applications that effectively capture the essence of your invention. We work with you to ensure your application adheres to all legal requirements and maximizes your chances of receiving a granted patent.

Trademark Search, Registration & Enforcement

We assist with trademark search, registration, and enforcement to protect your brand identity. Our team ensures that your trademarks are unique, legally compliant, and properly registered, helping you avoid infringement issues and strengthen your brand presence. We also monitor potential infringements and enforce your trademark rights when necessary.

Design Protection Services

Our design protection services safeguard the aesthetic appeal of your products. We provide guidance on design searches, application drafting, registration, and enforcement, helping you secure and maintain design protection for your creations.

Patent Prosecution

We have extensive experience in managing the patent prosecution process. From responding to office actions and examiner interviews to amendments and appeals, we are committed to advocating for your interests and securing the broadest possible protection for your invention.

Patent Portfolio Management

We offer strategic patent portfolio management services to help you maintain, expand, and defend your intellectual property rights. Our attorneys can assist with patent renewals, due diligence, licensing negotiations, and infringement analysis, ensuring your patent portfolio remains strong and valuable.

International Intellectual Property Protection

With a global network of partner firms, we can help you obtain patent, trademark, and design protection in multiple jurisdictions around the world. We are well-versed in the intricacies of international intellectual property law and provide strategic guidance to ensure your innovation and brand identity are protected across borders.

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Our experienced litigators are prepared to defend your intellectual property rights in court. From patent and trademark infringement lawsuits to design rights and licensing disputes, we provide aggressive representation and work tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

Intellectual Property Consulting

We offer tailored intellectual property consulting services to help you develop and implement effective IP strategies. Whether you need guidance on patent valuation, technology transfer, trademark and design portfolio management, or competitor analysis, our team of experts is ready to provide practical solutions that align with your business goals.